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At SYNLawn Tampa, we provide commercial artificial grass and installation services to businesses throughout Tampa, FL and the rest of the Tampa Bay Area. Our commercial synthetic turf helps retail stores, restaurants, office parks, and more improve their overall outdoor appearance while reducing their groundskeeping expenses. This makes our commercial artificial turf a wise investment for improving curb appeal and lowering costs.

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Own a Beautiful Storefront with Commercial Synthetic Grass

Having curb appeal is crucial for any storefront or other kind of business. It lets your customers, employees, and even people passing by know that you take pride in every aspect of your business and that you want to showcase it. However, surfaces like conventional grass can be temperamental, which means they will not always look their best.

Thankfully, at SYNLawn Tampa, our highly realistic commercial artificial grass mimics the look and feel of traditional grass surfaces. Best of all, our synthetic grass retains its beautiful appearance throughout its long life – no daily maintenance required!

Save Money With Low Maintenance Artificial Lawns & Landscapes

Maintaining a lush, green storefront lawn or landscape can be challenging, especially with traditional grass. Fortunately, our commercial artificial turf takes all the guesswork, time-consuming effort, and maintenance expenses out of owning a beautiful grass expanse. This is because our commercial synthetic grass lawns and landscapes require little to no upkeep! They never need to be watered manually or with a sprinkler system. They also never need to be trimmed with a mower or treated with any chemicals, such as fertilizers and weed killers.

The only maintenance our commercial artificial grass may require you to undertake is an occasional cleaning, which can easily be accomplished by spraying it down with water from a hose.

Resist Foot Traffic & More With Our Commercial Artificial Turf

Commercial businesses in Tampa, FL and its surrounding communities, like Lakeland and St. Petersburg, FL, often see dozens to hundreds and thousands of guests and employees visiting their property. Whether you own and operate a restaurant, a retail store, or an office in these areas, this amount of foot traffic will inevitably lead to wear and tear on your surfaces.

Thankfully, our commercial synthetic grass is exceptionally durable. This helps it retain its attractiveness for years. It also allows our commercial artificial turf to resist several forms of wear and tear, including high amounts of foot traffic, common lawn activities, and even Florida’s unpredictable weather.

Numerous Applications with Synthetic Turf From SYNLawn Tampa

At SYNLawn Tampa, our team offers commercial artificial grass with multiple different looks. This helps us tailor our surfacing solutions to your space and style. Yet, differing appearances are not all our commercial synthetic turf can offer! At SYNLawn Tampa, we also offer several forms of highly specialized artificial turf, which are optimized for distinct settings and applications. Some of our many specialized surfacing options include:

With these several options, Tampa, FL businesses can attain beautiful, specially engineered artificial grass storefronts, lawns, landscapes, putting greens, sports fields, and other types of installations. At SYNLawn Tampa, we also offer artificial green walls that help provide even more beautiful greenery as indoor or outdoor decor for Tampa Bay businesses.

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Lush, premium commercial artificial grass is available to various types of businesses in Tampa, FL and its surrounding communities from us at SYNLawn Tampa. Our team not only provides high-quality SYNLawn turf for different applications, but we also offer professional artificial grass installation services. As such, we provide comprehensive synthetic grass services to businesses in Tampa, FL, helping to dramatically improve their surfaces.

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