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Backyard artificial grass putting greens from SYNLawn Tampa are a unique and exciting way to improve your short game and help make your backyard look perfectly trimmed all year in Tampa, FL. With our fully optimized synthetic golf turf, homeowners in the Tampa Bay area can enjoy a readily available and convenient putting green whenever they like.

Although installing a personal putting green like this might seem like an extravagant luxury, our team offers an exceptional product and competitive rates that can help save you money in the long run due to the lack of maintenance it requires. So consider adding one of our amazing synthetic putting greens to your residence today!

The Benefits of Backyard Putting Greens From SYNLawn Tampa

Taking on any backyard improvement project means looking for the best materials. At SYNLawn Tampa, we offer highly-rated artificial grass products for residential properties, including our putting greens. As such, our backyard putting greens offer numerous benefits for homeowners in Tampa, FL, including the following:


Practicing your short game on your living room carpet with a plastic cup or a ball-returning machine is no match for getting time on a golf green. Unfortunately, for many, this means you have to wait for your tee time at a golf course, which can be time-consuming, especially when adding in commute time. In your backyard, an artificial grass putting green from SYNLawn Tampa is a highly convenient way to practice whenever you like. It offers the beauty and playability of a traditional golf green right in your own backyard.


Who does not want a luscious green space to enjoy year-round? A backyard putting green does not need water, and it will not go brown or dormant over winter. It will always look pristine and inviting. You may find that you practice your short game more with your lovely green readily available just outside your residence in Tampa, Florida.


The groundskeepers at any golf course put in hundreds of hours over a season to keep the fairways, traps, and greens looking perfectly green and lush. Watering, mowing, and trimming, even a small traditional grass putting green can take plenty of time and money. At SYNLawn Tampa, we can easily install your new artificial putting green and provide you with a practice space that you never have to water or trim, giving you more time to work on your short game.

Environmentally Friendly

At SYNLawn Tampa, our artificial putting greens for backyards in Tampa, FL are far more environmentally friendly than conventional golf grass. This is for several reasons. First, our home golf greens never need to be watered, which helps reduce water waste. Next, our synthetic greens do not need any chemical treatment or mowing, which helps keep chemicals and pollutants from being released into the environment. Overall, this makes our beautiful backyard putting greens incredibly eco-friendly.

Just Like a Live Green

Avid golfers may wonder if an artificial putting green will have the same feel as the greens on their local courses. At SYNLawn Tampa, our top-quality, American-made synthetic putting greens perform just like a traditional grass green. As such, they provide remarkable ball roll and wobble reduction. In addition, our backyard putting greens are consistent for users, so your golfing experience will not change day to day or over time. This allows you to practice your short game in a more controlled environment, which can help improve your skills even further.

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A backyard artificial putting green from SYNLawn Tampa offers homeowners an opportunity to improve their golf skills while saving money and beautifying their backyards in Tampa, FL. Our expertly engineered synthetic golf turf provides a remarkable putting experience that is just like hitting on a traditional practice green. Our home golf greens are also highly durable and low-maintenance, making them convenient and long-lasting additions to your property.

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